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Partners: with related web sites (,,,, and is No# 1 web site about global basketball having the widest basketball coverage from over 193 countries worldwide and in total 406 leagues.†† †The site was opened in March 1997. Now the site is a group of 298 people from different countries, who provide information about all pro and semi-pro basketball around the World. Currently we cover basketball on all continents around the world, in all pro basketball leagues, semi-pro and many amateur leagues. We try to track all players and current news. The database has over 182,000 profiles of coaches and players with over 49,500 photos. Our pages are updated daily. EuroBasket is the only web site providing such wide range of information about global basketball. Since we started in 1997, we have grown to be most popular web site about international basketball with traffic comparable only to Eurobasket owns other similar web sites:,,, and, which make complete net of web sites covering all-global basketball. We do our best to make EuroBasket as informative as possible. InterBasket began in August 2003, but saw much more humble beginnings way back in July of 2001 as a Arvydas Sabonis Yahoo Group (link). I created the group so that fans of the great Lithuanian center could all gather in one common place to discuss anything and everything about the European legend.

Interbasket is an international basketball news website and popular discussion forum. Interbasket exists as a basketball community for the entire world, and encourages personal awareness of basketball around the globe, not just for oneís country or region. InterBasket hopes are to facilitate understanding and discussion for basketball on a global scale. No longer is basketball an American thing, but is a world sport that should be respected throughout.
FIBA, the world governing body for basketball, is an independent association formed by 213 National federations of basketball throughout the world.
  • FIBA is recognized as the sole competent authority in basketball by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)†
  • FIBA is a non-profit making organization and, in principle, does not pursue any objective of economic character for its own gains†
  • The headquarters of FIBA are established in Geneva, Switzerland.†

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