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About Us

Basketball Followers (Since 28th of April 2009) is a basketball news website and a discussion forum. BB is looking to†be updated with basketball news from†the entire world, Top level of discussions will be in the Discussions forum adding to have†a reliable source for all basketball news esspecially from Middle East area for the time being.

Our main mission is to keep everyone involved to whats happening in the sport they love from all sides including Players, Coaches, Directors and Basketball Followers in general.

About the Authors:

Mohammed MalasMohammed Malas
(Website Admin) is Jordanian/Syrian, He started writing basketball from 2002 when he joined, Mohammed covers most of the Middle East basketball news adding to covering the big events in Asia.

Maarouf Mawloud†(Editor), Lebanese, is a young and promising writer. He began practicing with Mouttahed Tripoli in 2001. In 2007 and at the age of 15 he started working with the team as a website administrator,
author,† and editor. He is also always present with the First division team in Mouttahed Tripoli to take down the playersí statistics he's a Technical Staff. In February 2009, he commenced writing basketball with†

Emile Aaji†(Editor), Syrian, well experienced in the Syrian basketball , Started writing about basketball from 2005 , He's Currently the administrator of Jalaa club site and the Syrian page on Asia-basket†with Covering all†the Syrian basketball news .

Mahmoud Al Khalaileh (Forum Admin), Jordanian, He is the main contributor to Basketball Followers news page, Beside that he will be the main admin of the BB Forum.

Daniel Abboud (Forum Admin), Lebanese, He will work with Mahmoud in controlling the process and action inside the forum.

Jad Richa†(Forum Admin), Lebanese, He's the Admin of Lebanese Basketball Group in Facebook. page On Facebook

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